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RPOA Forums are set up and run by the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association. Each forum consists of four to 10 members with similar job function and company characteristics who meet regularly for confidential conversations to share their challenges, find support and insights, and learn and grow.

All RPOA forums are virtual, with the option of an in-person meeting at the RPOA annual conference. The cadence and focus of each forum are decided by its members. All forums share similar confidentiality rules and meeting formats.

 Forum members must be sponsored by their organization, and the organization must be a corporate member of the RPOA. 


"I currently belong to a peer group in RPOA, and I really enjoy having a 'safe' forum where we can talk about what we are all seeing in the industry. It not only helps to see what challenges and wins everyone is having, but I also come away from the call with a different perspective on how to approach situations that I am dealing with in my company and with our clients." - Current RPOA Forum Member

What to expect

RPOA forums apply industry best practices inspired by Toastmasters and Harvard Business Review


Standard structure to ensure efficient, equitable, and effective dialogue.


Regular schedule agreed upon by forum members–no less than quarterly.


Defined privacy rules aimed at creating a safe space for members to openly share.


Participation is restricted to forum members and invited guests.


A well-defined agenda and meeting roles.

Membership Qualifications

To qualify for membership, your company must be a silver or gold member of the RPOA.

Forum members are peers working in similar roles for RPO companies.

Members are expected to attend at least four out of the six virtual meetings and are encouraged to attend the annual conference.

Meetings are 60 minutes on Zoom and scheduled every other month.



RPO Executive Forum

CEO, Presidents, and Vice President of RPO providers

RPO Delivery Forum

Client Delivery Leaders and Operation Directors of RPO providers

iCoCo Forum

For any team members of an RPO company who are interested in staying current in the tech landscape and sharing experiences with peers in the industry


"I strongly encourage leaders to join RPOA forums. RPO is still somewhat of an untapped market, specifically in small-to-mid-market companies. Being a member gives visibility into what other RPOs are doing in the market as well as opens up opportunities for learning from industry experts and peer groups."

-RPOA Forum Member

Why Join? 

Membership in RPOA forums offers many benefits including

Ongoing meaningful relationships with external peers in a non-competitive format

A safe space for peers to share and learn from each other

Structured, well-managed, regular meetings  throughout the year

What Forum Members Say

Members of each forum will have the opportunity to plan a physical meeting during the RPOA annual conference.

Cory Kruse, Forum organizer and participant

Dan Mormak, RPO delivery leader and forum participan

Jason Krumwiede, Forum Chairperson

Patty Silbert, RPO leader and forum participant

Kevin Armstrong, RPO delivery leader and forum participant

Pam Verhoff, Forum organizer and participant

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