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iCoCo: Innovative Community Connections

What is iCoCo?

Recruitment process outsourcing is on the cusp of a new evolution. The Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association is taking a leadership role in this evolution with a new initiative we’re calling iCoco for Innovative Community Connections.


The mission of iCoCo is to empower RPO providers in making the best technology and business investment for their company and their clients through fostering relationships with tech and service vendors vetted by the RPOA. 

Empowering RPO providers through Innovative Community Connections: iCoCo.

Why iCoco?

According to Everest Group’s 2021 report, the next generation of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO 4.0) will be a talent solution that's automated, fully integrated with a single login across multiple technology applications.
RPOA is spearheading the leap into RPO 4.0 with the iCoCo initiative. 


Our key stakeholders are RPO Providers, Technology & Service Partners, and RPOA. Our goal is to bring the right partners together, connecting RPOs with the right technology or service partner, creating a win-win-win paradigm. This partnership would empower RPOs to create their unique automated talent solutions for clients. The initiative would also include other service and product providers working with RPOs.

RPO Companies

RPOA will help RPOs find vetted technology and service partners

Tech & Service Companies

RPOA will connect service companies with RPO companies with huge customer bases


RPOA will be serving our vision, mission, and values

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