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Reach targeted recruiting services and technology buyers and connect with strategic partners to grow your recruiting business.

What is iCoCo?

The innovative community connection (iCoCo) is a visionary initiative launched by the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (RPOA) to further establish itself as the place to go for RPO™. The objective is to empower recruitment providers (RPOs) to grow their businesses and exceed their clients' expectations by fostering strategic relationships with best-in-class technologies and service providers.

By joining iCoCo, you’re tapping into RPOA's capabilities and connections. iCoCo encompasses different platforms:


iCoCo Marketplace

The iCoCo Marketplace is an online platform for users to find, research, and connect with recruiting providers, consultants, technologies and other vendors.

iCoCo Forum

The iCoCo Forum is a peer group for members to discuss and stay informed on talent technology trends and best-in-class platforms.

RPO Academy

The RPO Academy is a platform to search and access educational content focused on talent acquisition trends and best practices.

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Who Should Join?

Any company offering recruitment services, talent technologies, consulting, or other services to small-to-midsize businesses can benefit from joining iCoCo.

Companies joining iCoCo fall into one of these categories:

Recruiting Providers (RPOs)

Talent Technology Providers

RPO Consultants

Recruitment Marketing and other Service Providers

Why Join iCoCo?

Bring the right RPO buyers or partners to your business.

 Create brand awareness

Get your company name out in the RPO marketplace and add credibility for your business. 

 Attract your ideal buyer

Connect with targeted buyers whose hiring needs, culture, and budget make your company the perfect recruiting partner.

 Grow your business

Generate qualified leads and create additional demand for your business.

Take it from our iCoCo partners on why they join iCoCo.

"The iCoCo forum is a great way for HR and Talent leaders to learn about technologies and innovation that can favorably impact their talent acquisition function, either as RPO providers or in-house talent teams."

- Joe Marino, RPOA Member and iCoCo Forum Chair


What You Get

iCoCo Marketplace Listing

Allow prospective buyers to research your company and connect with you directly by creating a company profile in the iCoCo Marketplace.

Business Leads

Receive business inquiries from prospective buyers and partners interested in speaking with you.

iCoCo Forum Membership

Become an iCoCo Forum member and receive invitations to attend and speak at Forum meetings.

iCoCo Marketplace Featured Partner

Feature your company in the RPOA newsletter.

Content Promotion

Promote your content to the RPOA audience through our monthly newsletter, LinkedIn page, blogs, and RPO Academy.

iCoCo Partner Badge

Boost your business's credibility with a digital badge on your website, email signature, and other media.

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What to expect

Signing up is fast, and easy. Apply now.

Once your account is active, you will

 Be able to update your iCoCo partner listing in the iCoCo Marketplace.

  Receive an iCoCo partner badge.

 Receive invitations to submit content for promotion.

 Receive invitations to the iCoCo forum.

 Receive automatic inquiries from prospective customers or partners who want to contact you.

some iCoCo Partners


Why iCoCo?

iCoCo solves real problems for both RPO providers and buyers.

For RPO providers, talent technologies are essential to their success and growth. According to Everest Group’s 2021 report, the next generation of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO 4.0) will be automated and fully integrated talent solutions with single-sign-on access across multiple technology applications.

RPO providers who are able to combine service excellence and automated technology solutions will stay ahead in a competitive RPO marketplace. Keeping up with the evolving landscape of talent technology can be daunting for any size organization. iCoCo allows RPO providers to find and forge strategic partnerships with best-in-class technologies.

For small to midsize companies considering outsourcing their recruitment for the first time, there is a recognized need for a list of best-in-class recruiting providers (RPOs) and the talent technologies that support companies their size. Additionally, there are countless technology providers in the marketplace, making the buying process confusing and overwhelming. iCoCo enables recruiting buyers to find and connect with best-in-class recruiting providers and technologies. 

In addition, iCoCo offers other resources to educate the iCoCo community and allow members to learn from each other through its peer forum.

What does iCoCo mean?

iCoCo is an acronym for "innovative community connections." The RPOA applied the Blue Skies approach to deciding on a name for the initiative. Our criteria for the name was to be playful, memorable, and powerful. 

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